Hi, I'm Andreas, 
Product Design Consultant.

For more than 10 years, I have helped startups and scaleups design and validate their product ideas. I have an eye for discovering the right problem and solving it in a way that aligns with both users and business.


Andreas Justesen  •  Freelance Product Designer  •


Currently, I am working as a Product Design Consultant.
I'm currently unavaible for new projects.

Recently, I worked as
 Group Design Lead for Lenus eHealth. And before that I was with Planday, Aarstiderne, Endomondo and Intempus.

I base my knowledge on many years working with several companies in Denmark. I’ve been part of startups, offering simple solutions in the very early stages of the product journey. And I’ve been there when those companies turned into more established businesses, needing to offer a more complex, scalable and yet still highly user-friendly product.



How do we help online fitness coaches with scaling their business?

User research / Opportunity mapping / UX Design / Concept testing / UX Strategy / UI Design / Workshop facilitation




How do we make it inspiring to shop meal boxes online?

User research / Concept development / Concept testing / UX design / Workshop facilitation / UI design



Should we redesign the schedule experience for employees?

User research / Affinity mapping / Workshop facilitation / UX Strategy

These cases are just a very small part of the work, I have done the past 10 years.
Please reach out for more in-depth examples of my work and methods. 


Anders Toxboe
Former CTO, Lenus eHealth

"It goes without saying that Andreas' sense of aesthetics, usability, and user experience is world class – he is consistently delivering high-quality work, even under time constraints. But what he might not mention is the invaluable contribution he makes to team morale and culture. With his subtle sense of humor, that always puts the prick over the eye (Andreas, rescue me here).
I would jump at the chance to work with Andreas again."


Tom Kile Hartshorn
Former Director of UX & Design, Planday

"I worked with Andreas for a relatively short amount of time, but it was obvious from the beginning he was motivated, smart and focused on bringing the best possible result from a given task. I could empower him to take hold of something with no oversight required, and trust him to investigate the problem thoroughly and deliver an incredible and polished solution.

A great design professional, that I would gladly work with again"


Martin Molberg
CPO, True Energy

"Andreas delivers 100%. He does a complete job of a design that is engaging and involving. The foundation is always on user insights and goal on bringing value to the user. I love the focus is taken away from geek features and functionalities and instead Andreas delivers a clear and easy-to-use design. 

I have worked with Andreas more than once and will not hessite to involve him again in future projects.


Jacob Christiansen
Former Product Manager, Lenus eHealth

"When Andreas and I worked together at Lenus eHealth, I experienced the true value of collaboration between Design, Product and Engineering. I saw Andreas as a true product designer, who was mindful of the strategic context and implications of design decisions.

He never worked on product design in isolation, neither from our team nor our customers. He included myself and the whole team in both qualitative and quantitative discovery work, influencing the future product strategy as well as executing the existing strategy with commitment.

He strongly advocated for high standards, both in regards to our product and processes. Yet he collaborated pragmatically with the engineers on the team to understand technical constrains and find pragmatic solutions without compromising the overall product quality and strategy."


Research & Discovery

Understanding the context around the product and the customer needs is the key to succeeding towards new outcomes. I have a vast experience with various research methodologies, analysis and opportunity mapping.  


UX & UI Design

User experience and UI design go hand in hand, and the first step towards an intuitive and simple product is to test multiple concepts with the users.
I'll help transform those ideas into final designs.


UX Strategy

How do you know you are solving the right problems that your users have? And are these the most important problems to tackle right now for your business?
Let me help you focus your development on what's most important.


Get in touch

Perhaps you are just starting up and you want your product to find it’s place in the market. Perhaps you’re a company with a few years’ experience and you are looking to introduce new product features to your customers. 

Either way, you’re welcome to reach out to me. Let’s talk about your design needs - and, more importantly, your customers’ needs.

Andreas Justesen

Freelance Product Designer • UX Designer • Design strategist • Researcher • UI designerBased in Copenhagen, Denmark - All rights reserved 2023
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Looking for a designer?

For more than 10 years, I have helped startups and scaleups design and validate their product ideas.

I have an eye for discovering the right problem and solving it in a way that aligns with both user and business.


Andreas Justesen  •  Freelance Product Designer  •